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Elvis - Vintage 1955

Località: Eagle's Hall, Houston - Texas
Data: March 19 1955
Formato: MP3
Titolo bootleg: VINTAGE 55 (Live in the 50' vol.2)

1. Interview: Biff Collie
2. Baby Let's Play House
3. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
4. I've Got A Woman
5. There's Good Rockin' Tonight
6. That's All Right Little Mama
7. Interview: Scotty Moore --
 A. Tells the Beginning of Elvis
 B. 1st Meeting Discovery of Elvis by Sam Phillips
 C. The First Recording Session
 D. The Second Recording Session
 E. Shows With the Starlite Wranglers
 F. On Their Own
 G. Elvis, Scotty Moore, Bill Black Stranded in Shreveport, Louisiana
 H. Grand Ole Opry Appearance
 I. Louisiana Hayride Appearance

PRODUCED BY: Ray Ruff for Cochise Productions
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Rudy Hirota, Mike Costanza, Mike Bowman
STUDIO: Strawberry Skys, Columbia, S.C.
TAPE EDITING BY: Stan Kessler, courtesy of Sam Phillips Recording Studio


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