martedì 14 giugno 2011

How great thou art session vol. 1

This is a very nice set put out by 2001 Records in 2003 & 2004.  Volume 3 is particularly difficult to find as most copies were confiscated by customs at the Dutch border.

Volume 1 Set List

01 Run On (take 1)
02 Run On (take 2)
03 Run On (takes 3-5)
04 Run On (take 6)
05 How Great Thou Art (takes 1-3)
06 Stand By Me (takes 1 & 2)
07 Stand By Me (takes 3-7)
08 Stand By Me (takes 8 & 9)
09 Stand By Me (take 10)
10 Where No One Stands Alone (take 1)
11 Where No One Stands Alone (takes 2 & 3)
12 Where No One Stands Alone (take 4)
13 Where No One Stands Alone (workpart take 1)
14 Where No One Stands Alone (workpart takes 2 & 3)
15 Farther Along (takes 1 & 2)
16 In The Garden (takes 1 & 2)
17 Somebody Bigger Than You And I (takes 1 & 2)
18 Somebody Bigger Than You And I (take 3)
19 Somebody Bigger Than You And I (takes 4-10)
20 Somebody Bigger Than You And I (take 11)
21 Somebody Bigger Than You And I (take 12)
22 Somebody Bigger Than You And I (takes 13-16)
23 Somebody Bigger Than You And I (workpart ending takes 1 & 2)
24 Somebody Bigger Than You And I (workpart ending takes 3 & 4)
25 Somebody Bigger Than You And I (workpart ending takes 5 & 6)


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  2. Flavio, la comunità degli Elvis' fan spera in un ritorno a scivere su questo blog davvero interessante...

  3. Lo spero anche io, sto cercando un posto dover caricare tutti i concerti che ho (ne ho tanti) ed anche se non sono un fan di Elvis comunque è giusto condividere la musica ed a gratis, se hai dei suggerimenti..............

    1. Bene... anch'io la penso come te sulla condivisione...appunto nel mio blog faccio anche questo utilizzando zippyshare (limitato nelle dimensioni di upload ma se fai + file nessun limite).
      Altri usano
      Ti attendiamo, a presto allora!!!