martedì 10 maggio 2011

Elvis - Orlando 1977

Orlando, FL - Sports Stadium
*LIBERATED BOOT, The Final Curtain disc 2*

source: unreleased soundboard
length: approx. 37min. + bonustracks
quality: You be the judge

This is not for everyone, I added a sample so that everyone can decide for themselves whether to get it. For me it´s a no-brainer, as we have very few 1977-boardtapes, but the quality is "special".
From the boxset´s liner notes:
"The Orlando show was originally recorded in binaural with the band and orchestra on the right channel and the piano on the left channel. Elvis´ voice is almost inaudible on this recording. To bring back Elvis´ voice in the foreground the most sophisticated software to date has been used. Otherwise, this show would have been lost forever!!!"

The bonustracks all sound EXCELLENT though, even though I had to remove two tracks which were officially released on the FTD-release "Spring Tours ´77" (as noted below).

1. Love me
2. If you love me (let me know)
3. You gave me a mountain
4. O sole mio (sung by Sherill Nielsen) / It´s now or never
5. All shook up / Teddy bear / Don´t be cruel
6. Help me
7. Big boss man
8. My way
9. Introductions
10. Hurt
11. Hound dog
12. Can´t help falling in love with you

13. Release me (Columbia, SC 770218)
14. Trying to get to you (Columbia, SC 770218)
15. Fairytale (Charlotte, NC 770220)
16. My way (Charlotte, NC 770220)
17. Moody blue (Charlotte, NC 770220)
18. How great thou art (Charlotte, NC 770220)
19. Blue Christmas (Norman, OK 779326 - REMOVED)
20. My way (Abilene, TX 770327)
21. That´s alright (Abilene, TX 770327)
22. Bosom of Abraham / You better run (duet w/ Charlie Hodge) (Alexandria, VA 770329)
23. And i love you so (Alexandria, VA 770330)
24. Fever (Alexandria, VA 770330 - REMOVED)
25. Hurt (Alexandria, VA 770330)
26. Heartbreak hotel (Kalamazoo, MI 770426)
27. Blue suede shoes (Kalamazoo, MI 770426)


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